About Sri Lanka


Pearl of Indian Ocean

The Island of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean to the South West of the Bay of Bengal. It is separated from the Indian Subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Straight and it is located about 31 kilometers off the South Coast of India.Here are some facts as why you invest in Sri Lanka:-

  • Gateway to the world, located in dynamic Asia with easy access to air and
             sea routes of the world.
  • Opportunities to further enhance the outreach to promote products once the
             proposed FTA’s are in operation with China, Singapore and Japan in addition
             to existing FTA’s with India and Pakistan.
  • Will be a major sea hub after completion of the Colombo Port City project. Fast
             developing infrastructure, opportunities through the Western Region Megapolis
  • Strong policies in place for protecting international investors and business
  • Educated and adaptable workforce.
  • High quality of life.
  • One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the region.
  • New urbanization initiatives with new opportunities for investment.
  • Colombo has the potential to serve as subsidiary market for eastern and
             western giants since it is located midway between the major financial markets
             such as London, Frankfurt, Dubai to west and Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and
             Sydney to East.